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  When is the best time to come hunt?

 The best answer is: Come when you can!

 We shoot birds from the beginning of the season until the end.
 Season starts in MId October and continues until almost the end of January.
 Check out the pictures on the web site. They are from 1 guide and a sampling of the pictures.

 Come early in the season, If you like slightly warmer weather and big fat birds for mounting come then.
 There are fewer birds and we book fewer hunters. The birds have not lost any body weight and are fantastic to eat!

 Got to wait until after deer/elk season. This is fine too. But book early. The calendar for the next season is started at the beginning or each season.  Many just book as they leave every year. Remember Burbank books fewer duck hunts than goose (not as many blinds.)

 Yes every season there are a few hunts which are not as productive as we like; but we cannot control the weather or your shooting ability.
 Typically, weather* is the challenge for us during the 5-7 hunts per season that are not up to our standards, but then it is called hunting for a reason.  Seeking out the wild birds and getting them to come in close, is a challenge we love to conquer!

EARLY SEASON:. Lots of ducks/geese! See pics below. It just gets better too. Book NOW!.  
10-29-06 Youth Gets Hooked on Hunting! Paul (right) & 2 Brothers
Click all pics for larger images. 11-1-06. Big Boys.
Full Curls &
Bring'em in! 11-2-06
Early November 3 06 Success Greenheads!  
Youth gets hooked on Goose Hunting! October 1st week! Octgoose success Fox success-great double Chris! Early Season Duck 11-3-06  
Word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers have made
Paul's Ponds & Fields are legendary !
You must experience Burbank's quality for your self and find out why multiple gun
& call manufactures, and others choose Burbank for their guests and videos.     Hunt Testimonies
End of Season:It is just a repeat of the early season...lots of great experiences and birds in hand.      
  *Weather challenges can not be predicted and more times than not, they prove not to be a challenge for Burbank.
But some weather challenges are strong winds, unseasonably warm days, first/last day of snow,strong pressure changes, etc.
But be assured, that Burbank typically is more successful than other guide services or hunting on your own, due to the experience and the right location, right equipment and savvy guides who know how to conquer the tough days.
However, if Burbank has a slow day, typically all other hunters are experiencing the same!
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