Hunting Guide Service

What you need to know from any guide service.
All of the questions are answered in the FAQ's, or on other pages.
Plus some answers as to what to expect from Burbank.
How long has the guide service been in business (Burbank since 1977)?
Why do you have the guide service? ( Paul and the guides love to share their passion of waterfowl. It is very difficult to be successful as a 'weekend hunter', therefore let our group of professionals who scout daily, monitor the birds and use the very best equipment bring enjoyment to you and your guests.)
Has it changed hands? (Burbank -no) or had any bankruptcies (Burbank-no)Plus most of the guides have been with us for 6 years plus, and go through a training process before allowed to guide on their own. Burbank has also been the training ground for other guide services. Some actually send their guides to us to train!
What type of hunts do you offer (Goose & Duck) ?
How long do they last? (Typically just AM hunts. Afternoon at guides option. If there is fog and not shooting, then guides will do their best to bring your some shooting.)
What type of equipment do they use? How often is it updated?
(Burbank uses top of the line and updates/replaces annually)
What does my fee cover? varies at different hunt operations. Some are more into the lodging and big numbers and some are in to concentrating on the hunting, set ups and to ensure all have a great experience.
(at Burbank, Professional Guide services on exclusive properties, top of the line equipment, instructions on safety/shooting, observe & ask questions of the guides as to why they have the hunt practices/procedures they do, plus you will experience some of the best outdoor experiences you will ever have!)
Fees for Burbank? (See Fee information on left menu.)
Burbank Cancellation Policy? (See information on the Fee page, on left menu.)
Good Questions for any hunt operation.
Where do I stay? How far from the hunt meeting place & hunting location? ( See Burbank information, under Hunt Info on the left.)
Do I get a receipt/confirmation of my hunt, so I know it is booked? (Burbank-yes)
What time do I show up for the hunt? (The confirmation has the info, plus it is on the web site too.)
What are the goose blinds like? (Burbank-Typically solid wall pits in the ground, and on occasion layout blinds or other blinds in or along a field.)
Is the hunting guaranteed? ( Burbank-No. We cannot guarantee anything for a federally protected specie. Our job is to try to bring the birds into shooting rage, and hunters responsibility to be able to harvest some birds. Therefore practice in advance with the jacket you will be wearing. Make sure your shoulder the gun every time....this is the biggest reason for lack of of success when shooting. )
Do you have references? (Burbank-Yes.)

How do you control safety?
(Burbank Guides give a safety talk, and guide typically sits in middle to control the action on both sides. hunter are instruction to only shoot in their front zone. Make a Y with your arms out in front, and that is your shooting zone..)

Do I have to sign a release of liability?
(Burbank stresses safety- that is one of the reasons we only allow hunts with guides. Our insurance requires that complete release are signed. You can do this before, or the morning of the hunt.)
Why Burbank Guide Service?
Burbank has the right combination for success and proven quality outdoor excursions.
Burbank is located in the right place and it has perfected the hunt. Top of the line equipment, experienced professional guides and quality properties set it apart from the rest. Paul has fine tuned the farms to provide the best experiences every season.
How many guys in a group?
Burbank has a basic formula of 5 hunters to 1 guide for safety reasons. However we do have some blinds which will seat more than 5. We use them when those fields are productive. Our duck hunting is more limited than goose hunting. We only book 1 or 2 groups of duck hunters a day, and take a few days of during the week to rest our properties.
When is the best time to come?
Burbank balances the number of hunters to the bird population. Therefore we start out with fewer bookings, and then add more hunting seats as the migration increases. For early in the season, we have lots of local birds that live in the basin area. Benefit of early hunts is that is it warmer, may take longer since the population is less and the birds have not been wised up. Later in the season the opposite applys.