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Paul Sullivan has evolved his love of waterfowl into a business he can share with others.
He has been guiding hunters for 35+ years, and has managed The Burbank Guide Service since 1977. Previously his specialty was goose hunting, but now it includes superb duck hunting.  By developing his own habitat he has perfected prolific wetlands. He has literally transformed sand dunes into a combination of ponds, land cover and agriculture crop land. “Paul’s Ponds” have been featured on many TV shows, including Ducks Unlimited, Benelli, etc.

Paul’s water fowling started as a youth  in the ponds where South Center Shopping center is now located, south of Seattle, along with family trips to Eastern Washington.  The ultimate challenge of the Canadian Wild Goose lead him to move to the Pasco area, where major flyways meet in the heartland of the Columbia Basin.  5 major rivers lead the waterfowl and the abundant agriculture provides for food and resting.

Paul’s handle on the Refuge Hunters Forum is ‘honker guide’. He has been called the “Goose Guru,” because of his passionate study of the elusive and ultimately challenging “Wild Goose.”  In college he made his own fiberglass goose decoys and spent every weekend driving to the east side of the state in pursuit of his passion. Now he spends the whole year planning and experimenting to improve his hunting techniques and equipment. He uses his U of W Aeronautical Engineering degree in analyzing and perfecting the whole hunting sequence and in designing his pits, blinds, and decoys. It has been said that he transferred his love of flight, to the flight of waterfowl.
One of the keys to his hunting success has been developing and managing his own hunting properties. This has created a year around endeavor to ensure each hunting season is successful.  He also has a professional staff of trained guides, who pride themselves in giving a quality outdoor excursion, of which part of that is the opportunity to harvest waterfowl. Yes, the grain feed birds are excellent to eat!

Success has brought repeat customers because of the surprisingly consistent successful hunts, due to his proven waterfowl/hunting techniques. Many love the gentleman’s Duck hunts, which typically meet at 9 AM!

Articles have been published in Ducks Unlimited, Waterfowl, Wildfowl, Sporting Clays, and Washington & Oregon Game and Fish. Paul is a popular speaker on waterfowl hunting.

Paul has received many awards for his dedication to the preservation of wildlife habitat, especially waterfowl. He has receive the Silver Teal Award and the Golden Teal Award from Ducks Unlimited, and many Conservations Awards too.

Off season he enjoys fishing, archery and travel, especially if it incorporates some hunting. Paul has been married to his wife, Suzanne, for over 40 years and has three children who have blessed him with 8 grand daughters under 11. One of Paul’s favorite hunts is taking some of his granddaughters hunting. Their reluctance to new experiences quickly changes when they experience the wonders of the outdoors. “Gee grandpa, now I know why you like to do this…It is a lot of fun!,” said Marisa age 6 after her first hunt.

Paul enjoys treating youth to the experiences the outdoors has to offer. He wants our future generations to remember the unsurpassable experience of being in the outdoors with all of God’s creatures.  Hunting is just one aspect, but one of the best ways to share memories that last a lifetime.

Associated endeavors are land development, engineering consulting, water system development and wetland habitat development.  Paul is continually designing and improving upon his waterfowl hunting products, which are marketed and made by Aero Outdoors..

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