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Consulting for Success: Waterfowl Habitat and Hunting Management

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                Want to increase overall hunt success on your existing properties?

                 Want to increase the wildlife on your land?
                 Want to increae the habitat on your land?
                 Want to develop new property which will sustain a successful hunting operations?
Ever wonder what crops are best to plant and when?

Ever wonder what are the best techniques for property management during the season?

How to set up and run a successful hunting operation?
            Want to be a guide?



I have developed lush farms, which have become magnets to wildlife. After many years of trial and error
I know what works and what doesn'tít.
I have transformed rolling bare sand dunes into an unbelievable meccas for wildlife and hunters.†
My specialty has been developing agriculture properties and then fine tuning them for waterfowl habitat.


My continual experimentation and analyzing the impacts has allowed me to develop techniques for
year around management, which has brought remarkable success to my hunters at my guide service.
Not for just one month, but for the entire season.
Our season runs from October to almost the very end of January.

Farmers have remarked after the end of hunting season about the good numbers of waterfowl
still present on my farms, even after repetitive, heavy hunting pressure all season long.
My techniques work!



There are many factors, starting with the annual farm/crop plan and the correct rotation of crops.
But the right timing is critical for the planting and harvesting, along with the right varieties. Also prior to
the start of hunting season, the farm should be in a ready state for wildlife which is?


"I have created properties to bring great satisfaction to hunters and land owners. My personal land brings
repetitive success in bagging the mighty, elusive Canadian Honkers and for ducks on my ĎPaulís Ponds'.

The legendary hunting has been featured in many DVD/videos & TV shows.
Plus I receive calls and emails from all over the
US and the world, for information on how to manage waterfowl and properties.


I have experience in:

†††††††††††† Developing farm land.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Developing & Managing Wetlands

†††††††††††† Designing ponds and supply systems.††††††††††††††††Growing organic and traditional crops, by ponds.

 Designing & installing irrigation pumps, etc.       Currently state certified in Cross Connect, etc.

†††††††††††† Designed housing developments††††††††††††††††††       Water rights, water applications and transfers.

†††††††††††† Running a successful hunting operation.†††††††††††† Developing and growing a guide service.

†††††††††††† Farm management. Correct varieties.††††††††††††††††††Choice of crops, fertilization & herbicides.

†††††††††††† Irrigation system designs.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††     Correct pumps, pipe and water for crops.

†††††††††††† All aspects of farming and development.††††††††††††† All aspects of hunting equipment design & use.


Rates:†† $250 first hour, additional hours at reduced rate.
Plus all expenses and travel time. Each project will be quoted individually.
Reduced rates for qualified groups.
              One satisfied customer said, " I saved thousands by spending an hour with you."
Check out our web site and look at the success pictures: www.burbankgoose.com

Also review www.aerooutdoors.com (sister company), and the hunting products I have designed.

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