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The Hunt:
           Pre-Season preparation pays dividends: Decoy maintenance, blind preparation and gear.
           Early season vs. Late season birds. Change up your tactic for success.
           What does equipment have to do with the hunt?
           The Hunting Sequence: scouting, choosing pit/blind sites, decoy placement, camouflage,
                    calling and tips for success.
           Goose and Duck Calling. When to call, when not to call. Competition calling vs hunting.
          What a good set up looks like. Power Point showing the blinds, decoys etc.

           The good, the bad and the ugly. Does money make the difference?
           Decoy placement, maintenance and strategies as the season progresses.


          What It Takes To Be A Successful Guide.
                Guiding as a business: safety first, hunting second.
                 Experienced hunter, business person or entertainer....which is more important?

Land and Game Management Tips (General Information)
          Develop your property to attract and maintain wildlife.
                 Water and habitat design and management. What crops to plant and when.
                  Hunting and farming operation management.

Consulting: Have your specific questions answered. Fees are charged
Paul does individual consulting, which has proved very profitable to his clients!
    He has personally transformed sand dunes to a waterfowl mecca and has created a very
         successful hunting operation upon his properties.
     His engineering background, water master and pump/water delivery certificates enhance his years
          of studying the agriculture and wildlife success all over the world..  
     For more information on consulting : Click         

Other related topics upon request.

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