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  Hunting FAQ's

Hunting FAQ's (Or frequently asked questions.)
Shells and Guns
Shells?       Choke and pellet sizes?
Do I need a 10 gauge?
Where is Burbank?
When is the best time of year to come?
Why book with Burbank?
Meeting Place and Time?
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Check In?
Booking Questions
Why Book With Burbank?
Why should I hunt with a guide service?
Can I get a group discount?
Are the guides trained and experienced?

I've already booked a hunt-now what?

I would like a specific guide ?
More information on the company?
Blind Questions

What blinds do you hunt out of?

How many in a group?
Will it be just our group?
Blind Safety?
How long do we stay in the blind?
Can I video tape our hunt?
Can I bring my dog?
What type of equipment do you use? How often updated?
Do I need to bring waders?


Bird Questions
What type of birds will I probably harvest?
Can you guarantee me a limit?
Who will pluck my birds?
How do I get the birds home?
Bird Bands?

What shells/guns should I bring? Choke and pellet sizes?

Bring only the correct size for the specie you are hunting.
No goose loads in the duck blinds; no duck loads in the goose pits/blinds.
This eliminates confusion in getting the correct shell loaded at the correct time.

Chokes & Shell Caliber for both Geese and Ducks: Click here for gun information .

Geese: 3 inch steel.
12 gauge is standard and the most popular, followed by 20 gauge.
For geese 3 inch shells are very adequate. No 3 ½” and 10 gauge shells....they are not necessary for decoy shooting (we do not pass shoot).

Ducks: Only 2 3/4 " shells in 20 or 12 gauge (no 3" or 3 1/2"); only 20 gauge can use 3" shells.
This is a management requirement, and it over the years it has proven to keep the Ponds successful all season long. This is a regulation for our guide service.

Choke: Modified or improved cylinder are recommended. Check with your gun smith concerning your gun and the use on non-toxic shot. Use open chokes with heavy shot.

Guns: The standard gun used is a 12 gauge (with 3" shells for geese & 2 3/4 for ducks). However a 20 gauge has proven to be just as successful as any others for our geese and ducks. Some have used the 28 and 410 gauge successfully on ducks too. It makes shooting fun! We have scheduled some fun hunts, where only 20 ga or 410's are used on the ponds.

Shot shells: Budget favoriey is Winchester EXPERT Hi-Velocity Steel Shot.
Sold at many stores, including some of the big box outdoors suppliers.

Paul's favorite composit is Remington Wingmaster HD or Heavy Shot.         
     Wingmaster HD's INFO
           New, deadly and packs a punch close to lead!
           Responds better to chokes. More even pattern too.
           Smooth, perfectly round shot pellets are more aerodynamic than other lead alternatives.
           They are uniform in pellet-to-pellet weight and are true to listed shot size.
           Choose a couple sizes below standard steel shot.

Below Chart is for information only. Read the above info too. Always consult your gunsmith.
We prefer you use aln alloy, such as Hevi-Metal, which has a significatnly better pattern and impact, for a better harvest.
Goose hunting on Farm 35, please only bring 1 box of Fast HV Steel-. So please bring a box along incase it is needed.
The alloys/composites travel fartherr and on occasion where we hunt in close proximity to homes, you will need the only the steel.

Burbank's recommendations are shown in BROWN.
We only recommend ONLY Steel for the first shot for goose hunting, then use the composites for 2nd & 3rd.

Fast HV Steel**
Heavy Shot
Hevi-Metal- preferred
  Shell Length
Use at Burbank!
      Use at Burbank!
3" max
2- BB
2 3/4 " or 3" Alloy
4 or 6
3 or 4

HV = High Velocity

Do I need a 10 gauge for goose hunting?

A 10 gauge gun is not needed for geese. At close ranges shooting a 10 gauge can devastate the bird and render it unfit for roasting.
All of our shooting is typically within 25 yards to 40 yards, in a scenario where the birds are truly decoying (landing into the decoys) versus pass shooting. The closer ranges make for easier, more effective shooting.

The 10 gauge gun became popular for getting extra yardage needed for higher/farther away birds and pass shooting. With the additional kick, the shooter has an increased tendency to flinch, which will cause the shots to not be as accurate.
At one of properties where the duck ponds are located, 10 gauges are prohibited to reduce noise and reverberation which deters duck traffic. Plus 10 gauges typically uses heavier loads not meant for ducks.

Remember, only bring duck loads for duck hunting, and goose loads for goose hunting.

Burbank is the place to be!
Burbank is the place to be for a quality waterfowl experience!
We are located almost 500 miles inland, yet we are only 500 feet about sea level in the SE corner of Washington State. Burbank is located at the confluence of the Snake & Columbia Rivers. There are 4 other major rivers which converge in this area. The natural channels of the fast moving rivers guide birds along the flyways and the multiple refuges and agriculture sustain the birds all season long. With the food, water and resting places, Burbank holds waterfowl all hunting season long and is the ultimate location for hunting.

Burbank is a small micro climate area, will the lover elevation and protection of surrounding small mountains, it is a warm banana belt the birds love. Burbank gets little snow, and only 6 inches of annual participation. Burbank does not freeze up like the areas 30 minutes north, due to the lower elevation and big rivers. Plus we have warm well water to pump into the ponds to keep them open. Other areas north and south of us can freeze up and some times not thaw until spring.

Lasting friendships have been made in the blinds/pits. Time spent with family and friends is precious.
Call you hunting buddy, bring your family members, or even better yet bring along a first time or young hunter. We need to pass on our hunting heritage.

Of course you can come as a single, and join some other hunters. We have many hunters who just love the experience so much, that when their buddy can't come, they do! Many of our hunters have created lasting friendships in the blinds with others who share their passion.

FYI: Burbank has been in business since 1977, and is part of Burbank Enterprises, LLC. Burbank has achieved the reputation as the leader in the industry, providing professional services to many satisfied customers. Burbank's practices and procedures are used by other hunters and services, because they work!
Burbank has had the same ownership since the beginning and has steadily grown over the years, while maintaining strong proven management and a sound financial structure. The guides are all trained professionals, who are expert hunters and callers, and enjoy sharing their love of the outdoors and the opportunity to successfully change nature. What questions do I need to ask a guide service?

When is the best time of year to come?  Link to more information
The very best time is when you can come! Due to location, proven management and proven properties there is not one month which is better than the others.The 'best month' has varied every year due to weather and crop harvests, as to the high bag ratio per hunter. The birds migrate south from the middle of October and the Burbank area holds birds until after the closing of the season, typically. October has warmer weather, which will provide some fat Greaters ( which live in the basin) which are considered the trophy birds to bag and have mounted ( taxidermy). Plus from mid Oct to the second week in November, we book fewer hunters which allow the guides to spend some more time with each group. During November, December and January your will see larger numbers of migratory birds and continued fantastic hunting.

We have hunted these properties for over 30 years and know the migration and habits of our birds. Key proven properties, the expertise of our guides to watch the birds habits and management techniques has allowed us to be successful all season long. Remember when other areas freeze over, we still have excellent shooting! (Because of being at a lower elevation, the protection of the mountains and free running water in the rivers and ponds.)

We book the number of hunts to match the expected availability historically. We only pre-book a certain number of groups per day and fill up quickly. However sometimes there are more situations than we had expected, and then we may add another group for that day; therefore some times you can book with short notice too.

The early part of regular season from mid-October we usually bag more Great Columbia Basin Honkers. They live in the basin. As the migratory birds proceed South, we increase the number of groups and the bag can vary as varies species arrive. Early season ducks will find more of a mixed bag, with a higher population of strictly Mallards as they migrate into our area. Also during the first month of the season we get more mixed bags, of duck and geese in the blinds. (You are only charged for the specie you have reserved the hunt for, and may be limited to that specie depending upon the current management decisions of the head guide.)
So come early, or come late.....just make a reservation early for when you can come, before we are fully booked!

Why book with Burbank?
1. We have after years of working successful hunting formula, Burbank has found the best guides, properties, equipment, and management techniques to bring a productive, exciting outdoor adventure to our clients!
2. At Burbank we have the latest and finest equipment available anywhere. We upgrade and
purchase annually to provide the best hunting setups available in the world.
Location and equipment matter. Hunting on your own:purchasing, maintaining and upgrading equipment can be costly and may not insure a good hunt, especially if you are not in a good location.

3. Burbank owns most of their properties, which allows them to have control and patrol the properties as needed. Also Burbank works with other local farmers by leasing their fields to ensure the right rotation crops the waterfowl love. Hunting on your own is wonderful, but you may not have the opportunity to scout and therefore you may not be in the right location, or you may find that some one else beat you to your spot. Also 'feel free to hunt' properties have been decreasing in availability (typically due to a few hunters who abuse the privilege), while properties have increased in expense to own, rent, or lease. The demand for good hunt properties has increased further due to frustration of hunters using public lands.

4. The Burbank Guide service scouts and patrols the lands 2 or 3 times daily. This ensures the knowledge of the birds location and protects the properties from intruders, especially when we are letting fields 'rest'. It is very difficult to have knowledge of where the birds are and their habits if you are only a weekend hunter. Typically you will not find a property that will produce the results desired, unless you are hunting on patrolled/scouted properties. Your time is valuable, let Burbank make it enjoyable and productive!
5. The harvested game is excellent to eat. Our waterfowl feed on fields of wheat, corn, grass, etc. The high protein, low fat, meat without any hormones or preservatives is an excellent natural food source. We even have recipes for your harvested birds.
6. Besides personal enjoyment, many families and friends have bonded and business deals have had favorable outcomes due to time spent in the fresh outdoors!
7. Clear your frustrations, freshen your senses, get some space from your daily grind and come back renewed. Time spent enjoying nature and breathing in fresh air revitalizes you!


Conaco Gas Station/Food Mart in Burbank, Washington. Phone number: 509-547-9663.
Located in Burbank, approximately 1 mile east of the Snake River Bridge on Highway 12 at the second stop light on the left. . (Highway 395 turns in to Highway 12 when it heads east.) Exxon is located at the intersection of Highway 12 and humorist street.

Conaco is located by over pass-Humorist Street. 119 East Humorist, Burbank Wa 99323
Sunmart/Shell Gas Station is on the opposite side of the intersection.
Click Here: Map quest for Burbank, Wa.

Goose is 1 ½ - 2 hours before shooting time, unless otherwise specified.
Duck is usually between 7 am to 10am, unless otherwise specified.
Meeting times vary depending upon the day in the season, the weather and the head guides determination.
(Yes this is correct, our duck hunting is a true gentleman's hunt. Duck hunting at Burbank does not require a meeting time at 'O dark thirty" to ensure success. These procedures have been proven to bring success and has provided consistent limits up to and including the last day of the season the last few years ).

Please call the office the business day before the hunt to double check the meeting time, as it changes during the season based upon circumstances. Also, please let the office know where you may be staying incase the guides change the meeting time or place, after they have scouted the eve before your hunt!

Office: 509-545-8000

Make Memories
Burbank sustains an excellent record of making memories for our hunters.
We have an experience staff to assist you with your needs; from the friendly
office staff when you are booking your days, to the profession, trained expert
guides who will provide a positive outdoor experience.

You can Bank on Burbank!              

We have been told by many hunters and writers who have hunted all over the US
and the world, that their best overall waterfowl experience was at Burbank.
No reason to go elsewhere!
Bring your camera for photos after the shoot!

Our repeat business is unmatched by any other guide service.
Our popularity is amazing. Fueled by the legendary success, Paul's speaking at many outdoor related events, videos filmed at our guide service, DVD's, magazine articles and internet chat rooms. Paul's handle is 'honkerguide'..

The majority of our hunters are from the west side of the Washington State and they offer the best advertising possible, and they come back and bring more friends! However many hunters come from all over the US and other countries.
Our customers know they can depend upon Burbank for a quality outdoor experience and consistent hunting all season long.
Of course mother nature doesn't always cooperate, but historically there has been only 5 or less hunts a year where weather gets the best of us, usually due to fog or a sharp weather change.
That is why it is called hunting. It is a challenge to match wits with the unbelievable smart wildlife and mother nature. We make it look easy; but with our experience and the exceptional amount of work we put into every hunt allows us to shine above the other guide services.

We are not glitz and glamour, we are just passionate outdoors people who want to share the experience with others and allow them the opportunity to harvest wildlife. The guides love seeing happy clients, enjoying the experience.

A big thanks to all of our repeat clients, who enable us to put our resources to improved hunting instead of expensive full page adds.

Can I get a group discount?
Yes, when you purchase at least 10 days/seats of hunting in advance before the season begins. the best discounts are offered as part of a show special in early spring. Ask if you are interested to be put on this list. Some discounts may be available in season. One person per stand seat spacing; when a hunter takes more than 1 seat, then no discounts apply.

Also, our guides are all high caliber professionals, who know how to provide a quality outdoor experience.
Let Burbank do the work for you!
The guide service does all of the work for and allows you to enjoy the benefits of having greater opportunities. The guides through training and experience know how to set up for success. A huge financial investment of equipment, etc may not be profitable is only used on occasion.
2. Quite often the clients want to participate and be part of the process. You are welcome to participate in setting and picking up decoys, if you desire. If you do not want to participate, just let the guide know. Some times the guides need assistance, and other times they may not.
3. Experience gaining some insight into the hunt, who are experienced professionals. Learn from the guides. Watch, participate and ask questions.
4. You can experience the joy of watching and listening to a professional, knowledgeable guide. Before
a person becomes a guide, they have to be a very successful hunter in their own right. They are all
expert callers in knowing when and how to call. Plus the guides must know the area, know how to set up the decoys, know which blinds to use, how to read the birds and how to get the birds into close range to provide successful opportunities for the hunters. This takes years of experience, practice and trial and error to learn the 'success secrets' of waterfowl hunting.
5. Finally, relax and know there is nothing to forget. Just remember to bring your gun, shells and license, plus put some time into practice before hand.
6. Enjoy your time in the outdoors with a friendly, fun guide to insure you and your guests have a great tim as your breath in the fresh air and enjoy nature at its best. Of course it is hunting, so we can not remove the rain, wind, snow or challenges of nature....but those challenges make the hunt what it is....and opportunity to meet nature face to face, fulfill the instinct to harvest and put some delicious meat on the table which is low fat and good for you!! (Store bought meat has been feed hormones, etc.)

7. Enjoy meeting new people who share your passion. Network. Learn from others as they share their experiences.

See you in the pits and blinds!

I've already booked a hunt. What now?
Read you confirmation information and make sure you follow the check in procedure the business day before the hunt.
Don't forget your camera, shot gun, shells, current Washington State Small Game License, State Waterfowl Stamp and Federal Migratory Waterfowl Stamp (1 Fed stamp is good in all states).
Bring Layers of quiet clothing, to adapt to the changes in weather, that will blend into the corn and wheat fields. You do not need to purchase all new sets of a specific camo pattern because you will be hunting in blinds. You just need to blend in. Face masks are good, along with face paint if you desire. More importantly you need to remain still and quiet while the birds are working the set up and be ready when the guide calls the shot.

Once we have received a deposit of 50%, a confirmation will be issued via mail, fax or email.
No confirmations are given without deposits .Confirmed seat = sold seat = commitment for the fee.
A confirmed seat is a 'sold' seat. (Please refer to cancellation policy, if needed.)
The confirmation packet will include payment balance due before the hunt along with general information, such as hotel, meeting time & place, "Rules of the Hunt"and other info to be shared with every member of your group. All information is also located on the web site..

Liability Contract:
On the day of the hunt, before the hunt, you will be asked to sign a contract to acknowledge there are risks both know and unknown with hunting and release Burbank and associates from all and any liability. Hunters must read, understand and agree to signing on his/her own free will. Please review and if you are not in agreement in advance of the hunt so that a cancellation fee will not be applied to your hunt deposit. Burbank's insurance requires a signed contract to offer services to a hunter. The contract will limit your rights for litigation against Burbank, guides and any associates. For a hunter under the age of 21, a legal guardian must sign the contract along with the youth hunter. Parent or guardian is responsible to make sure the youth hunter understands and complies to all terms and conditions.
To review a copy of the contract : Contract Link.

Special Needs:
Please make sure you remind us of any special needs, first time hunters, those who may need assistance getting in and out of the blind, and etc
. We will try and accommodate your particular situation(s) as best as we can. However every hunter must have a level of physical ability to safely hunt, including accessing the blinds, being able to shoot on own and cognoscente enough to listen and obey all the guides instructions.

Why call in: In case we have a change in meeting time or place for your hunt, we will need to communicate this to you. Meeting times can change, along with hunt circumstances, after the guides report back in the eve of the hunt. Most hunters are in transit with limited cell service, therefore we can only leave messages if we know where you are staying.

Call right before the hunt to " Check In"!
When to call: CAll the business day before the hunt.
For weekday hunts, call the day before hunt. For weekend hunts call the office on Friday's, .

Office 509-545-8000
Monday-Friday 10-5,
For emergencies 509-545-HONK (4665) or 509-531-1111.
If no answer, please leave a message, but realize that at times for various reasons we may be away from the 'phones', therefore it is best to call the office during business hours.

Only exception to check in the day before is during holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Please check in a couple days earlier before the holidays when the office is not off on vacation too, or call the emergency numbers above.

Information needed:
group name, size, the intended motel, the name of the hotel reservation, the group reservation name (these can vary) and add any specific information or reminders for special requests.
Burbank will try and honor all request, however circumstances sometimes prevent the fulfillment of requests. Please accept our apology in advance, and maybe the next time circumstances will allow for your requests to be fulfilled.

I would like a specific guide. Can you guarantee my request?
Guides may be requested when booking your hunt. However, we can never guarantee a specific guide (or location), but we do try to honor all requests. Circumstances change constantly, which prevent the ability to guarantee any requests. Sometimes the guides have other personal/professional duties.ill record all requests for a specific guide.
At the time of the booking, we can tell you if the guide has already been requested, or not.
We try to honor all requests, and they are usually fulfilled 95% of the time.

We appreciate you understanding in advance.
However, if you did not get your requested guide, rest assured that all of our guides are very capable and well trained to provide a fantastic outing.

If by chance, you were not accommodated per your request, let us know and for your next hunt we will make extra efforts to assure your requests are full filled.

Blind Questions

What blinds do you hunt out of?
We hunt primarily solid wall custom in ground pits and use portable Maximus Blinds (above ground blinds) on occasion. The pits are located in proven locations with in the fields.
The Maximus blinds are portable blinds and offer easy shooting from a sitting position. Maximus blinds, enable the hunters to be where the birds were the day before, if there is not a pit in the field/location!
The guide will take you from the edge of the field to the pit or blind. However, on occasion, we do use a layout blind, but this is a rare occurrence. Bottom line, Burbank does all they can do to get birds in your face.

DUCKS: We exclusively use the Maximus Deadly Duck Blinds™. They allow the hunters to sit comfortably in comfortable director chairs, which allow for easier shooting from sitting to rising and taking one step to shoot. The blinds are covered with EZ-FAB blind material covered with natural materials. You can watch the action, from the Maximus blinds, but you cannot move or where bright clothes! The shooting door can be operated in many ways and the guide will decide: left done in early season and brushed up, flipped out or dropped inside the blind. the dogs have easy access from the end for retrieving. One dog per blind, unless the owner has 2 dogs and the blind is not completely full to allow for space for multiple dogs. Untrained, anxious or non-responding dogs may limit your success.See more dog info below.

How many people per blind/pit ?
Each goose pit blind or above ground blinds (duck or goose) are designed to handle 5 hunters and 1 guide. The guide sits in the center to control the shooting and safety, with 2 hunters on one side, and three on the other. With the guide in the center he can help assure that all hunters maintain their shooting lanes and safe shooting practices, as best as they can. Safety is imperative, therefore practice with your guns in advance of the hunt. Know how to load, unload, safe way to hold the gun before the shot, operate the safety and come up to shoot. Read safety literature, and practice all of the suggestions.
Duck blinds hold 5 to 6 hunters plus one guide, depending upon the blinds design. On occasion two blinds may be closely aligned, when the bird population permits. The guides are trained to ensure each blind gets ample shooting.
Safety Note: The majority of our clients have hunted with us before, are all quality persons, who are respectfully of others and concerned about a safe fun hunt too. The guide gives a safety talk before each hunt to refresh everyone's memory. However all hunters must practice safe handling of their guns and help remind those beside them, when needed. Some times during the excitement caution may be forgotten....but it can't be. Only hunt safely. A guide may terminate a hunt/hunter from hunting, if safety is an issue. No refunds.
Burbank reserves the right to fill all seats, unless a group has purchased all seats in a blind.

I want our group to hunt alone.
To hunt as a stand-a-alone group, you c
an purchase all 5 or 6 seats in the blind, no matter the number of hunters in the group. On occasion there is the luck of the draw & some seats will be open. Burbank reserves the right to fill all seats, unless all seats are previously purchased by a group or individual to fill the bind.

Can I request a certain guide?
Yes you can, and we will try and honor all requests. However sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control which would not allow us to comply with your requests. The specified guide may already be tagged to another group, he may get sick, family or personal issues arise, etc. We apologize in advance if we cannot provide the guide requested.
Also the first guide a customer uses, is always the very best guide in their eyes, but we do have a fine group of guides who are all very talented, safety conscious and fun to spend time with in the blinds.

Blind Safety:
Only a safe hunt is a good hunt. Before every hunt your guide will go over some safety guidelines and procedures, which are never intended to be an inclusive list, but suggestions to remember. Always follow all safety guide lines, especially those mentioned in the "Rules of the Hunt" & "Firearms Safety Tips" , along with all safety recommendations given in "Safety Hunter Certification", etc. You can never be too safe. Link to Hunt Rules & Firearm Tips.

The guide sits in the middle of the blind, with 2or 3 hunters on one side and 3 on the other.
Hunters are to shoot only in their shooting lane in front of them. If you put your arms out in front of you, and then open them up slightly, this would be your shooting lane in front of you. Never shoot out of this lane. No cross shooting allowed.
Safe handling of guns comes from familiarity, knowing safe gun handling and taking time to ensure all cautions are taken, as opposed to allowing the excitement of the moment to interfere with sound thinking and procedures.
Make sure you know your gun and its operation and have practiced in advance shooting your gun with clay pigeons, trap or skeet to prefect your shooting ability at moving targets/birds. It is the hunters responsibility to know their gun, use of safety, its shooting procedure and how how to operate if the gun jams, etc.

Always consider a gun as loaded. Put the safety on before loading in the blind and ready to shoot. Do not load the gun until secure in your hunting seat. Never take the safety off till your gun is shouldered and ready to fire upon the birds.Know your target. Put the safety back on before reloading.
Always remove all ammo before leaving the blind. Leave the action open when not shooting.
Never point a gun at anyone or thing you do not intend to shoot.
Never point a gun at any human, dog or decoy!
Do not point the gun out of the blind when birds are being retrieved or when any person is outside the blind. Our guides and clients are priceless and not replaceable!!

How long will be stay in the blind?
Burbank reserved the right to terminate a hunt, per the discretion of the guide or head guide. Of course safety, not following guidelines and directions are the primary reasons, but other reasons or factors may occur which would result in the termination of the hunt.

Hunts are stated as1/2 day hunts, with afternoon hunting at guides discretion.For bird management purposes we need to get in the fields, and then out quickly after each hunt. Most hunts are completed in the morning. However if there is fog, etc. the guides will stay in the field longer to try and secure opportunities. However the head guide may adjust the timing and Burbank reserves the right to terminate a hunt at any time.
Burbank's responsibility is to bring shooting opportunities, and it is the hunters responsibility to use the opportunities. Of course as with any outdoor sport involving nature, you can never truly predict wildlife, but our degree of experience, right locations and professional guides increase the odds.

Also, we cannot predict your shooting ability, and sometimes during the excitement of the hunt your shooting ability may vary. Our goal is to offer you opportunities, and it is your job to take advantage of opportunities and harvest some game. Therefore practice before hand is very important, along with always shouldering your gun in the same position, shooting at specific birds, as opposed to flock shooting,and leading them appropriately in critical. Ask the guide for some tips, if needed.

Can I video tape my hunt?
To bring a video camera, you must have prior approval, fill the entire blind, & camera man will be limited to taping only and not shooting (camera will flare birds). Hunting opportunities may be reduced due to extra activity and talking in the blind. All persons who video will be charged a full fee, even if they do not hunt, since they are filling a sea .Camera man inside blinds only.

Sometimes Burbank will have a professional camera man in the blind taping for Burbank, and additional cameras would interrupt our video taping. Footage will be available on DVD for a fee.

Or, upon occasion, we offer the service of video taping the hunt just for you. Fees apply. Just let us know.

Can I bring my dog?
Goose Hunts: Dogs are not needed nor recommended for goose hunting. If you 'buy out' the entire blind and will recognize that lost opportunities due to dog interference will count towards your bag.The majority of your hunts are in solid wall, in-ground pits. It is difficult to lift the dog 6 feet in and out of the pit. Dogs will climb up on the shooters when shots are taken too. Short answer, they are more of a nuisance and detract from the hunt. However it we are using layout blinds, which we do on occasion, the dog may be welcome if he is experienced in this type of shooting.

Duck Hunts: Experience dogs are welcome, with the first hunter(s) to book the blind having the first opportunity to bring a dog. Wear waders or tall boots or to enable handing of your dog. Dogs are keep in the blind.
Dogs have an incredible way of searching out, smelling and retrieving  wounded birds and therefore they are necessary hunting partner in the duck blind. All hit or wounded birds count as part of the limit.

The guide will make the decision of the use of the dog in the blind, or to have him/her return to your kennel in your vehicle, in case your dog is having a bad day .The guide will almost always bring his dog as a back up, because quick retrieving of ALL the game shot is critical for the successes of the hunt.

All lost/wounded game is considered as part of the bag limit.
Lost opportunities, due to the dog or master trying to control dog, will count as part of the bag. Dogs taking too long to retrieve, not returning to the blind with the retrieve, their master presence and or verbal/whistle commands deterring /flaring birds etc may interfere with the hunt.

Paul's ponds continual success is based upon quickly getting in and out, and not shooting at large flocks.

: for a new or inexperienced dog, book early in the season when there is not heavy hunting pressure and therefore more time to work with the dog.
An untrained dog will flair more ducks and limit opportunities.
     Dogs must be broke to shot, or not jump when shots are taken.
     Dogs must not break their stay, or jump out to retrieve before command.
     Dogs must retrieve and return quickly!
     Dogs must be able to do multiple retrieves.
     Dogs must be soft mouthed. Not chew or bite the birds.
     Dogs must be able to flush out wounded birds, whether they dive in the pond to walk off on the shore.
     Dogs must sit quietly in the bind while birds are working.     
What type of equipment do they use? How often is it updated?
Burbank uses top of the line equipment and updates and replaces annually as needed.
Majority of all the waterfowl equipment comes from Aero Outdoors, who manufactures high end products for waterfowl hunters.
All the decoys are re-done or touched up annually, along with during the season as needed.
Duck Hunting is done from the professional, easy to shoot from, Maximus Deadly Duck Blinds. Blinds vary slightly in size (2, 4 or6 man), but Burbank uses 6 man blinds. this allows for 5 hunters plus the guide. Sit is comfortable chairs for shooting and peak through the camo brush to see the birds. Listen to the wishing of the wings as they fly close over head on their downward descent.
Goose Hunting is primarily from sold wall in-ground pits. These are warmer in the cold, because you are protected from the wind and elements. There offer a superior hide to wary geese, to allow the guide to bring them in closer for a better shot. A few times a year we use layout blinds, but this is not our standard hunt. However sometimes you need to go where the birds are, and we may not have installed a pit blind in that location.

Do I need to bring waders?
Waders are not necessary, but recommended for warmth when duck hunting.
Paul's Ponds are not deep, except for a couple spots. Therefore high rubber boots are more than adequate, unless you have your dog and then we would suggest hip boots or waders.
Wear layers of quiet clothes, because the temperature may change. Have quiet rain does rain once in a while in Burbank. Burbank gets about 6 inches of rain a year.

What type of birds will I probably harvest?
GEESE: We typically bag 7 different subspecies of the Canada Goose. Yes we shoot the Greaters or Honkers ( or Great Basin Geese) all season long, but the bag varies from day to day. We have shot the Greaters- Honkers up to the last day of the season. However they are smart and become more wary as the season progresses. (Analogy:Geese are similar to a wily bull elk with a nice rack. You will see a lot of deer, but not as many great elk when you are looking for them.)

DUCKS: Our bag is consistently Drake Mallards all season long, except early season has more of a mixed bag.
We have a voluntary bounty on the hen Mallards of $5, which we give to a conservation group each year. Unfortunately for the conservation groups, the donations have been low. We do get a few other ducks from time to time such as pintail, gadwall, wood ducks, teal, red head and widgeons.

Can you guarantee me a limit?
No we can't. Ducks and geese are federally protected migratory waterfowl, which require specific individual licenses to be purchased by each hunter to enable them to bag birds.
Burbank has proven to be the best place to hunt, which has consistently brought birds within close shooting ranges to enable you to have greater success. Our job is to provide the opportunities, but it is the hunters job to be able to have successful shots. Therefore all missed shots are lost opportunities and any wounded bird is a bagged bird, even if not found/retrieved. A sincere attempt must be made to retrieve all hit birds!

Shooting practice pay dividends. Please practice in advance with the exact gun loads and clothing that you'll be wearing, with various trap like shooting scenarios. Also it is critical to wear the jacket you will be wearing when you will be hunting. Extra layers can change the shouldering position of your gun. Practice bringing your gun to the same shouldering position every time, with your cheek on the stock, or the shots will vary along with your success.
Of course 'old mother nature' likes to give us a challenge occasionally. That is why it is called hunting and not something else. It is a challenge and sometimes a slow day occurs, due to circumstances completely out of our control. However, we put just as much effort into every hunt. Patrolling, scouting and sprucing up the set ups happens daily, whether we hunt the area or not. One group hunted with us 14 years in a row before they had a poor hunting day. Of course, they said any day in the pits is better than a day in the office!

Who will pluck my birds?
We do have bird plucking available, for a fee. This service is available on most days, but not on all.
Only plucking or skinning will be done. We cannot breast since the meat will not have the mandatory head, wing etc attached as required by law to prove the specie. You can breast the bird your self if you choose later.

Please let us know prior to your hunt that you desire this service, so we may schedule the availability.
You must have a transport slip completed and signed to enable anyone other than yourself, to transport your birds,no matter the distance.
It is the hunters responsibility to make sure all transport slips are filled out completely in a timely manner.

Please notify the coordinator when you meet for your hunt, that you would like this service.

Please remind the guide to call to coordinate the processing when the hunt is over in the field.

Due to know knowing the exact timing of your hunt, you may have to wait, and we apologize in advance for any convenience. No storage of birds, please, or fees will be charged.

How do I get the birds home?
Bring your coolers-very large coolers and frozen gels packs to add to the cooler to keep the contents cold.
We can pack them so you can transport them home via car or plane.
Via plane or shipping next day air, will require some extra paperwork and notations on the coolers to insure you comply with federal regulations.
We have a cleaning service. Please let us know in advance if you intend to use our service. We need to schedule adequate people.
Plus let us know if you have an early flight to have staff available to assist you with your harvested game. (A group of writers that Remington Arms brought last January could not believe that one morning they bagged their limits of geese and ducks and still caught their 11:00 AM flight. Of course they were excellent shots too!

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